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The foregoing provisions also explicitly apply with respect to any financial information and future-oriented statements contained on this website or in documents or annual reports that are provided via this website, such as financial prognoses, objectives (including financial objectives) and prognoses with respect to future results. Future-oriented statements, prognoses and objectives are based on up-to-date expectations and assumptions regarding expected developments and other factors that could affect BBH B.V. and/or its subsidiaries and companies affiliated with it. Those are neither historical facts nor guarantees of future performance. Because the future-oriented statements, prognoses and objectives include risks and uncertainties there are important factors that could lead to the ultimate results substantially deviating from the results indicated or suggested, such as price and other forms of competition, consumption levels, costs, exchange rates, interest rates, legal, tax and other developments in the field of regulations, political, economic and social circumstances, and new or changed priorities. Therefore BBH B.V. and/or its subsidiaries and companies affiliated with it cannot ensure that the future-oriented statements, prognoses and objectives will turn out to be correct.

This website may contain links to third parties’ websites. BBH B.V. and its subsidiaries and companies affiliated with it have no control or power over the content of such websites.

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