Beddenreus is a Dutch retailer that serves the discount sleep market. By offering high-quality sleep at the lowest possible price, it helps all those who wish to sleep well on a limited budget. Its stores are located exclusively in the Netherlands, close to other furniture retailers. As well as cash & carry, beds and mattresses can all be delivered to customers’ homes at an additional charge. There are 31 stores in the Netherlands. 


Our labels


Just right. That's our Beddenreus basic collection. We make every effort to keep the price as low as possible for you thanks to a simple but more than complete range. 


Going for more than just good? With the Beddenreus comfort collection, you choose nice and comfortable. But still at the best price, of course.  


Really get the most out of your sleep with the Beddenreus luxury collection. Decide how you sleep in style and comfort. With the highest quality at a Beddenreus price. 

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