Our mission

Our mission at BBH is simple:

We believe the better people sleep, the happier they are, the healthier they are and the more productive they are.

And we won’t rest until everyone gets the high-quality sleep they deserve. This goes to the very heart of what we do, and is the lens through which we examine challenges and opportunities, and make strategic decisions about the future.


Our purpose 

Our purpose encapsulates the spirit of our mission in a simple and customer-friendly way: 

Sleep better, live better. 


We believe everyone can sleep better with a bed that's just right for you. Or mattress, pillow and bedding, for example. But not only that. Since 1983 our employees with their expertise and year of experience help you to make the best choices and make you happy with our service. 

Sustainable. That sleeps even better

Besides the fact that we believe everyone can sleep and live better, we also think this can be done in the most sustainable way possible. Or actually, we just have to. With a good night's sleep you not only take good care of yourself, but also of your environment. And believe us, that really does sleep much better. This is why sustainability is an integral part of our strategy, to which we are committed every day.

Our dreams

In line with our mission and purpose, our team works hard and happily every day to make our dreams 

  • Raising awareness of sleep
  • Becoming a brand of choice 
  • Becoming an employer of choice 

come true. 

Our strategy

Our strategy pivots around three strategic business avenues for growth, and includes three strategic corporate social responsibility pillars as a key enabler for our Sleep better, live better mission.

Scalable backbone

While pursuing these growth avenues, we continue to ensure that we have a scalable and efficient backbone, and operate as sustainably as possible. 


Our physical stores remain crucially important to offer our customers a unique experience through an omni-channel journey. As we see customer journeys and therefore the role of stores continuing to change, we are adapting the format of our stores on a continuous basis. A key element of our strategic roadmap is to refit our existing stores and create a new look & feel by providing innovative new technology and easy-to-shop tooling such as in-store kiosks for self service, in addition to improving energy efficiency.

In addition, we are testing a number of new store formats, such as our experience stores and city store format. Following the launch and successful pilot of the Beter Bed Experience stores in Groningen and Eindhoven, we opened our third Beter Bed Experience store in Baarn in 2023. The Beter Bed Experience stores with its larger size, modern look-and-feel and broad sleep assortment, embodies what our Sleep better, live better strategy is all about.


Our main online sales priority is to further drive business in our own webshops such as beterbed.nl, beterbed.be, beddenreus.nl and mline.nl. Through these channels, we are also able to tap into the online growth potential of customers increasingly purchasing online. In addition to this, we aim to inform customers and a broader public about the importance of sleep and facilitate their omnichannel journey. What is more, this channel enables us to learn more about consumer behaviour, continuously develop innovative products and services, and engage with our customers on a personal level.

Different customer groups are today increasingly shopping online in different ways. For this reason, we are also continuing to raise our brand presence on third-party platforms to further extend our online market position in our existing and new markets.


New Business

We are expanding our reach both in existing markets and new geographies via our wholesale channel through DBC International. The M line brand is our strongest brand in this channel. It continues to strengthen its position in the sleep retail domain – in part thanks to the positive brand exposure resulting from highprofile athletes and sports teams that choose M line as their preferred sleep supplier. To increase our relevance in international wholesale, we are expanding our assortment to include more brands such as Simmons and our private label Kårlsson collection.

Next to additional brands, we are introducing innovative and sustainable sleep solutions to the market.



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