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This website is intended for everyone who is interested in the activities of the listed company Beter Bed Holding N.V. and its formulas Beter Bed, Matratzen Concord, BeddenREUS, El Gigante del Colchón and DBC International (M Line).

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Beter Bed Holding’s core activity is the retail trade in the market for sleeping comfort. Across all of our formulas and the countries in which we operate, we offer high-quality products that we sell to consumers for the best possible ‘deal’ based on advice that is better than that of the competitors. Each day, there is nothing that inspires and motivates us more than ensuring that all our customers can sleep soundly and comfortably at an affordable price: ‘Hard at work on a good night’s rest’.


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Beter Bed: positive revenue trend continues in fourth quarter

Beter Bed: positive revenue trend continues in fourth quarter   Fourth quarter Net revenue rose by 9.7% to € 99.6 million (like-for-like: +11.8%). EBIT increased from € 0.5 million to approximately € 10.5 million. Average number of stores decreased by 3.8%.2014 Net revenue rose by 1.8% to € 363.9
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