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Friday 06 October 2023

TEAMNL and M line launch E-learning on sleep

PAPENDAL - Kamiel Maase (performance manager of TeamNL) presented the first modules of e-learning on sleep at the TeamNL Leaders in Performance Conference XL. The modules were created in cooperation with several renowned scientists specialised in somnology and supported by mattress supplier M line. The aim of the e-learning is to teach TeamNL athletes more about sleep.

Earlier this year, mattress supplier M line announced to intensify its collaboration with TeamNL and to extend its partnership until 2026. Both parties aim to maximise the effect of good sleep on sports performance through research and knowledge sharing. The e-learning for top athletes is a first step, at a later stage the modules will be implemented for a wider audience to create more awareness of the importance of a good night's sleep. Furthermore, in collaboration with researchers, new insights and products will be developed to ensure the best possible sleep hygiene during competitions.

M line has been TeamNL's partner in supplying mattresses and pillows for TeamNL athletes during Olympic and Paralympic Games since 2016. A good night's sleep is essential for maximum performance and recovery of the body and mind. Since its foundation in 2001, M line has been inextricably linked to top-level sport; many top athletes work with the brand because they see sleep as part of their training and preparation for performance.

(This is a translation of a Dutch press release of DBC)

Read the full Dutch press release

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