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Monday 01 May 2023

M line and NL Actief: together for a healthier lifestyle

M line and NL Actief have joined their forces to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. By sharing knowledge from research and through e-learnings, M line will give substance to the domain of sleep. Together with nutrition and exercise, sleep is one of the most important pillars of a vital life. With M line at its side as a new knowledge partner, NL Actief is taking the next step towards further developing the fitness sector into the vitality sector of the Netherlands.

M line sees a lot of added value in the knowledge partnership with NL Actief. "Daily life is becoming increasingly intensive. We work hard, exercise a lot and are busy with all kinds of activities," indicates Pieter-Bas Stehmann, managing director of DBC International. "We demand more and more from our bodies and sleep shorter. But for maximum performance, a good night's sleep is just that important. This applies not only to performance in sports, but also in everyday life such as at work. That is why M line is not just for top athletes, but for everyone. We are happy that NL Actief also recognises the importance of good sleep and that together with the thousands of lifestyle coaches we highlight the subject."

Ronald Wouters, general manager of NL Actief, also welcomes the cooperation. "There is a strong growing interest in a healthy lifestyle and more recognition of the role of the fitness industry when it comes to issues of health, vitality and social bonding. Fitness is currently the most practised sports form in the Netherlands with 4 million participants. By 2026, we expect it to be 5-6 million. To guide all those people to a healthier lifestyle, we need partners in knowledge;  partners who inform and inspire professionals in our industry and consumers to - in this case - sleep better and wake up rested and fit. Good sleep is crucial for a vital life."

(This is a translation of a Dutch press release of DBC)

Read the full Dutch press release

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