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Monday 06 May 2024

Largest Beter Bed Experience opened

Last week, the official opening of the third Beter Bed Experience was celebrated in festive fashion at business park De Noordschil in Baarn. After the success of the first two Beter Bed Experiences in Groningen and Eindhoven, the third store now opens in Baarn with a surface area of 1633 m². This makes it the sleep specialist's largest store to date. The mayor of Baarn, Mark Röell and actress Marly van der Velden together cut the opening ribbon. All this weekend, visitors have a chance to win a brand new box spring.

Objective, data-driven sleep advice

With the opening of the Experience in Baarn, Beter Bed is further rolling out its latest store concept. In the store, consumers experience a complete sleep environment where day and night are central. Perijn Hoefsloot, director of marketing explains, "With this store we make our 'better sleep, better life' promise personal and tangible. Everyone is different, sleeps differently and therefore has different sleep needs. In this store we offer consumers new insights thanks to various tools. For example, our experienced sleep consultants combine their years of knowledge with the data from our Better Sleep ID body scan. This allows us to provide everyone with the most objective and personal sleep advice. Research shows that the assessment of sleep quality rises from a 6.7 to an 8 as a result. An increase of no less than 19.4%," Perijn continues.

Renewed, interactive pillow wall

Baarn now has the most extensive pillow collection in the Netherlands. In addition to Beter Bed's own brands, the store also offers a range of well-known brands such as TEMPUR, M line, Silvana and Cloudpillo. The interactive pillow wall makes it easier for consumers to make the right choice. Video content provides them with all the necessary information. The cushions can then be tried out immediately while lying down.

In addition, Beter Bed Baarn offers an extensive range of box springs, beds, (top) mattresses, bed bases and bedding such as the bed and box spring collection of its own brand B Bright with which you mix and match in style and comfort. In addition to Beter Bed's own brands, the store offers various, well-known brands in the various categories such as Emma, M-line, Beddinghouse and Kayori.

Beter Bed Experience Baarn contributes to diverse retail offering

The opening of Beter Bed at De Noordschil business park is a significant development for Baarn. Mayor Mark Röell expressed his appreciation for the addition: "With Beter Bed we welcome a well-known retailer to the municipality. It offers new opportunities for local employment and contributes to the diversity of our retail offering. This supports the growth and dynamics of the retail landscape in Baarn and shows that our municipality is an attractive location for major retailers." Perijn Hoefsloot agrees.

(This is a translation of a Dutch press release of Beter Bed)

Read the full Dutch press release

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