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Wednesday 01 November 2023

Entrepreneurs of 21 and 22 close partnership with sleep specialist Beter Bed

From 1 November 2023, the online popular Cloudpillo pillow will be available exclusively at 26 shops and the webshop of sleep specialist Beter Bed. The pillow ensures a good night's sleep and that gives energy you need to get everything out of your day, which is exactly what Beter Bed stands for. Cloudpillo is a start-up by very young Uden-based entrepreneurs Lars van der Wijst (21) and Jens Timmers (22) who started the company in a gap year when both were 18 years old.

The pillow, which is adjustable and reduces neck pain, is available through sleep specialist (and fellow villager) Beter Bed. Cloudpillo is making significant inroads both at home and abroad. For founders van der Wijst and Timmers, the partnership with Beter Bed is a great opportunity to firmly establish the Cloudpillo brand in the Dutch market. Lars van der Wijst: "It's bizarre how fast it all went. Jens and I were at Udens College together and dreamed of entrepreneurship. That dream came true very quickly. We are super proud that from 1 November our pillows will be for sale at Beter Bed online and exclusively in the shops.

Market leader Beter Bed, which has been active in the sleep market for 40 years, wants to make consumers aware of the importance of sleeping well. People who sleep well are healthier, have less stress and feel more vital. Beter Bed wants to appeal to as broad a target group as possible and a broad palette of brands and products suits this purpose. Cloudpillo, which appeals to a younger audience, is a valuable addition to the range.

(This is a translation of a Dutch press release of Beter Bed)

Read the full Dutch press release

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