Beter Bed was founded 40 years ago with the purpose of providing a good night's sleep at a price that everyone can afford. By offering good-quality mattresses, beds and pillows at a reasonable price, we have helped to make a good night's sleep possible for millions of people across Europe and beyond. While our company has evolved over the years, the essence of what we do has remained the same, and this is reflected in our purpose: Sleep better live better.

The world around us is changing fast, and we continue to change to meet new customer needs. The pace of life, in particular, has accelerated. With that has come added pressure for many people, which has impacted on their quality of life. As demand for what we do has grown, so too has our business and our supply chain, which is today larger and more complex than when our company was founded. Legislation has also changed, bringing with it an ever-greater responsibility as to how we as a company must act at all times, whether it be our impact on the lives of our customers, the environment, or society as a whole.

For many years, this responsibility was manifest in developing high-quality products available to all that added value for a good night's sleep, in addition to striving to minimise our environmental impact, and participating in activities that contributed to improve society. More recently, awareness of the impact of sleep as an enabler for a better life has grown among our customers, the market for raw materials has changed, and the demand for transparency and accountability has risen - both from stakeholders and in terms of legislation.

Last year, we launched a new corporate strategy that incorporated our sustainable goals. Having conducted a materiality assessment with our key stakeholders we determined three focus areas for 2025.


We will enable everyone to have the best quality sleep, improving their health and well-being, by offering innovative solutions and stimulating sustainable choices.


We will deliver social impact by always focusing on employees' safety and well-being, striving to become an employer of choice, and working together with our suppliers to ensure that they align with our goals and standards.


We will minimise our environmental impact by using ever more sustainably sourced materials, and by collaborating with our suppliers to increase the reuse and recycling of our products and packaging, thereby driving the transition towards more circular product propositions.

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