Update AGM 2020 in view of COVID-19

22 April 2020

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak, the national measures taken by the Dutch government and in anticipation of the expected adoption of the Temporary Act COVID-19 Justice and Safety (the “Emergency-Act”), Beter Bed Holding N.V. decided that the AGM will only be electronically accessible for shareholders. This means that the shareholders will not be granted physical access to the meeting. However, Beter Bed Holding N.V. wishes to provide its shareholders the opportunity to participate in the meeting and to exercise their shareholders’ rights in line with the Emergency Act. Therefore, shareholders are able to virtually participate in the Annual General Meeting through live webcast as indicated in the notice as published on the company’s website on 1 April 2020. In addition, the deadline for shareholders to submit questions prior to the Annual General Meeting is extended to 10 May 2020 before 14.00 hours CET.

Beter Bed Holding N.V. kindly requests its shareholders to submit up to a maximum of five questions in relation to the agenda items prior to the Annual General Meeting by sending an e-mail to bbholding@beterbed.nl, hereby including their name and shareholder’s certificate number, which can be obtained from their bank. Beter Bed Holding N.V. may bundle questions and will endeavour to answer all questions during the Annual General Meeting. In case shareholders have any urgent questions that require an answer prior to submitting its proxy with voting instruction, please contact us on the aforementioned email address. The answers to the questions will be published on the company’s website www.beterbedholding.com after the AGM. As indicated in the notice, all shareholders should submit a proxy with voting instruction no later than 11 May 2020 by 17.00 hours CET.

This is the only way shareholders can exercise their voting rights. Please carefully take notice of all instructions as indicated in the notice.