Beter Bed nominated for international Experimentation Culture Awards 2022

7 June 2022

Beter Bed is working hard to develop its strategic positioning as a market-leading sleep specialist. This transition is based on a solid culture of innovation and experimentation. Thijs Nootenboom, responsible for E-commerce at Beter Bed, regards the nomination as recognition of the steps Beter Bed has taken in experimenting and creating a sustainable innovation infrastructure.

Experimentation as a mindset
At the heart of this successful innovation culture is the experimentation programme initiated by the e-commerce team several years ago. The experimentation programme has, among other things, resulted in the creation of an excellent infrastructure and a streamlined business process for testing hypotheses in a short cycle. This provides opportunities to effectively cash in on current and future e-commerce opportunities and to achieve the ambitious online targets (sales of at least € 100 million by 2025). With the launch of LUNEXT, Beter Bed's digital organisation, the conditions have been created for scaling up experiments, once validated, quickly and efficiently to the business. The focus is no longer exclusively on ROI but also on supporting the business with validated decision-making.

Download the full press release:

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